Bumar JSC

Address: 3 Svoboda Str., 2800 Sandanski, Blagoevgrad Area

Phone: (+359) 7433 20 67
Fax: (+359) 733 20 67
E-mail: bumarp@abv.bg


Extraction and processing of rock facing materials - marble, granite, limestone, rhyolite, and other industrial raw materials: pegmatites, Barry

Manager: Kiril Petrov  

Hemus-M JSC

Address: 1, Hristo Botev Str., 3100 Mezdra

Phone: (+359 910) 9 19 99
Fax: (+359 910) 9 19 90
E-mail: a_ispyridis@hemusmarble.com
Website: www.hemusmarble.com

Activity: “Hemus-M” S.A. is a long-term concessionaire of three quarries for Vratsa Limestone. A few samples well-known in Europe and USA have been recognized during the long years of business with our customers.

Manager: Andreas Ispiridis 

Ilindenski Mramor OOD

Address: 2949 Marchevo Village, Garmen Area, Blagoevgrad District

Phone: (+359) 7523 22 15
Fax: (+359) 7523 22 15
E-mail: ilindenski_mramor@yahoo.com

Minerals exploration -gneiss, schist, limestone, marble, barite

Manager: Ivan Shkevov  

Ilindentsi_Mramor JSC

Address: 2825 Stroumyani Village, Blagoevgrad Area

Phone: (+359) 746 3 21 04
Fax: (+359) 746 3 21 06
E-mail: lindentci_mramor@yahoo.com

Marble and decorative rocks extraction and processing

Manager: Goran Bobevski  

Konstrukting Ltd

Address: 39 Madrid Blvd., 1505 Sofia

Phone: (+359)2/ 946 10 82 , 946 10 83
Fax: (+359) 2/943 49 44
E-mail: office@gp-group.org

Limestone extraction and trade with facing rock materials

Manager: Petar Petrov  

Marin Baturov Ltd.

Address: 111 G.Rakovski Str., 1000 Sofia

Phone: (+359) 983 22 70
Fax: (+359) 983 22 74
E-mail: baturov@baturov.com
Website: www.baturov.com

Facing rock materials processing

Manager: Marin Baturov  

Sana Finans ltd.

Address: 68 General Iosif Gurko str., 1142 Sofia

Phone: (+359) 2 980 16 48, (+359) 2 987 84 10
Fax: (+359) 2 980 16 48, E-mail: office@sanafinance.com
Website: www.sanafinance.com

A new class insurance mediator that aims to provide to its clients the precise information for the conditions, rates and advantages of the products offered by the insurance companies.
The role of the insurance broker having in its portfolio a lot of companies’ tenders is to be capable to offer various insurance options, to give reasonable advises and terms of references and to assist in the process of bringing an action for damages in case of insurance events.

Manager: Ivan Zurlov  

Skalni Materiali JSC

Address: 6 Otets Paisii Str., 7000 Rouse

Phone: (+359) 82 82 09 82
Fax: (+359) 82 82 09 82
E-mail: terziev@skmat.com , plasment@skmat.com
Website: http://www.skmat.com

Underground and open-pit mining and limestone decorative rocks processing

Manager: Venelin Terziev  

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